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An exciting project in partnership with New Zealand Red Cross. Over the course of just one week, our students deconstruct used clothing, sketch and finalise concepts, redesign and create new high-fashion garments.

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About the project

NZ Fashion Tech are members of the New Zealand Sustainable Business Council and are proud to be part of an exciting joint project with the New Zealand Red Cross.

This year our Auckland students studying on the Certificate in Pattern Design programme, were given a collection of used clothing from Red Cross shops across Auckland to upcycle into new fashionable garments - breathing new life into once loved items.
Over the course of a week they deconstructed their used garments, sketched and finalised their concepts and after re-designing new high-fashion garments presented their completed designs to a panel of judges from NZ Fashion Tech and the Red Cross

Project Posts

ReDress Challenge - Gallery
  • Thursday, August 11, 2016

Compare the final garments with the randomly selected items the students were given from a variety of Red Cross shops across Auckland.

ReDress Challenge - Video Story
ReDress Challenge - Video Story
  • Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Watch the videos to follow the students through the course of 7 days, from the initial project briefing to the presentation of their completed garments in front of a panel of judges.

Introduction and project brief

Auckland students on the Certificate in Pattern Design programme take part in the Upcycle challenge. Find out more about the project and watch the project briefing.


Construction and interviews

Over the course of the next week, our students produce their designs, deconstruct the used clothing given to them and construct their final garments ready for judging.


Judging and finalists

Follow the judging process to select the 10 garments chosen to be featured at this year's Diploma Showcase and be put forward for public vote on Facebook.


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