Paper Dresses

This is an amazing opportunity for our Diploma students to highlight the skills they have gained on the Diploma Programme and to kick-start their career in the fashion industry.

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About the project

Kimberly-Clark approached us, asking for gowns to be made from KLEENEX® COTTONELLE® toilet tissue, as part of their nationwide marketing campaign, from which three winners would be chosen.

The design brief was to "Create a glamorous and luxurious white cocktail dress", displaying the tissue's softness, strength and ribbed air-weave texture.

The designs invoked a sense of softness and were durable enough to survive over 10 catwalk shows at NZ Fashion Week and numerous fashion shoots and promotions.

In 2013 the client brief remained the same, however the students were excited that the winning garment would be worn by New Zealand's international super model Kylie Bax.

The winning garment featured in a fashion shoot for NEXT Magazine along with numerous TV and media coverage.

We are immensely proud of the garments our students designed and manufactured.

It is truly inspiring that after only 18 months of studying with NZ Fashion Tech, our Diploma students are able to design and produce dresses of such high quality.

Explore the project, watch the videos, listen to the experiences and see the final designs.


Complete Video
22 min

Video 1: Client Briefing
1 min 55 s

Video 2: Storyboards
4 min 10 s

Video 3: Client Consultation
3 min 25 s

Video 4: Fabric Construction
4 min 14 s

Video 5: Garment Construction
3 min 27 s

Video 6: Judging Day
4 min 59 s

TVNZ Coverage

Visit the Paper Dresses TNVZ website and view the TV coverage from this year's project.

Gallery & Posts

Paper Dresses - Gallery
Paper Dresses - Gallery
  • Thursday, August 11, 2016

Click the images above to view the gallery from the 2014 finalists.

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