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Whether you are interested in joining our team, providing valuable work experience or want to support and reward achievement - Learn how you can make a difference.

Staff and Tutors

If you would like to become a staff member in this dynamic fashion institute please contact Jacqui Byrne-Gibbs for more information.


Industry Work Experience

If you are an industry player and would like to partake in offering NZ Fashion Tech students work experience opportunities please contact Jacqui Byrne-Gibbs.


Prizes or Scholarships

If you would like to join the growing number of organisations or individuals who offer prizes or scholarships to our students please contact us to discuss how you would like to contribute.


Our Team

Our team is what makes NZ Fashion Tech so special. We are very proud of the work they do and the student success stories they help us to create.

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You Can Make a Difference

Our tutors, staff, education and industry partners make a huge impact on the lives of our students.

Watch some of our student and graduate success stories to see how you could make a difference by being part of the NZ Fashion Tech success story.

Success Stories

NZFT Fam: Annmarie Williams

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