What makes NZ Fashion Tech so special? A combination of years of experience, a great team of people and the ability to help students succeed and find employment in the fashion industry.


NZ Fashion Tech is New Zealand’s leading educator in the fashion and sewn products industries. An award winning fashion and garment technology college, registered and accredited with the NZ Qualifications Authority (NZQA) www.nzqa.govt.nz

You can download the NZQA Report on NZ Fashion Tech using the following link:

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NZ Fashion Tech has an excellent relationship, and works very closely with Competenz previously ATITO (Apparel and Textile Industry Training Organisation), and is considered to be one of the best practical technical trainers to the industry in the country.

NZ Fashion Tech serves a diverse group of sewn products industries throughout New Zealand. These include both domestic and export manufacturers who all share a common shortage of skilled staff.

Our History

Founding Directors, Kevin Smith and Val Marshall-Smith, began their own fashion clothing business, “Adobe Apparel” in 1974. Kevin formed NZ Institute of Fashion Technology Ltd (NZ Fashion Tech) in 1995, taking over training programmes from the ATITO.  Val joined the company full time in January 1996 after resigning from Manukau Institute of Technology. Val continued to lead NZ Fashion Tech after Kevin passed away in 2016, and retired early in 2018.

In August 2017, NZ Fashion Tech was acquired by Feroz Ali. Feroz has been involved in the private training sector for over 20 years, and has known Kevin and Val since the late 1990’s. He has seen NZ Fashion Tech become a reputable school with amazing industry support and excellent student outcomes. His vision for NZ Fashion Tech is to make the school more prominent and expand its offering to higher levels leading to Degree and/or Post Graduate Qualifications. He also plans to take the NZ Fashion Tech model into Vancouver Canada, and Southeast Asia where he already operates several schools.

Our Team

NZ Fashion Tech tutors and support staff bring valuable industry knowledge to programmes; preparing students for work within the fashion industry

Tutorial staff take part in continued professional development which includes training in their profession, tutoring and program delivery, ensuring that they are able to offer the highest quality training to students.

With an average ratio of 17 students per tutor, opportunities to interact with individual students are high, helping students achieve their course goals.

In addition to teaching garment construction, pattern making & design, tutors work with students helping them plan and meet career goals with the desired outcome of placing graduates into employment within the industry.

Meet the team / Profiles

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